• Reservation


  • For during off-peak season, reservations are available from 2 months prior to the departure date starts In case of Saturday / Sunday / National holiday, it's available from the following business day.
  • For during peak season(Year-end & New Year holidays, Golden Week holidays, July/August), reservations are available from the specific date that will be announced on our website and brochure as soon as fixed.
  • Reservations for travel from Chichijima to Tokyo, during off-peak periods, are available from 2 months prior to the scheduled departure date from Tokyo starts.

Information Needed to Make a Reservation

Please provide the following information when making a reservation.

  • (1) Departure date (and return date, if applicable)
  • (2) Name, gender, ages, address, and telephone number of all passengers
  • (3) Class of travel (also for return trip, if applicable)
  • (4) Any applicable discounts (student, physical disability, island resident, etc.)
  • (5) If you are traveling with an infant, the infant's name, gender, age, address (house/apartment number not necessary), and telephone number.
  • (6) If you wish to reserve a Ladies-only room (Economy, Economy berth, and Premium berth rooms only)
  • (7) If you wish to reserve a Family room (Economy room only)
  • No charge for a single infant (age 1 to 5) traveling with an adult and sharing a seat. For two or more infants traveling with an adult, the child fare is charged for each infant. Babies under age 1 are free of charge.