• Changes in effect beginning on July 2

Changes in effect beginning on July 2

  • The new Ogasawara Maru Schedule and Fares

    The fares and arrival and departure schedule will change due to the shorter sailing time of the new Ogasawara Maru.
    Departure from Tokyo 10 a.m. →11 a.m.
    Departure from Chichijima 2 p.m. →3:30 p.m.

    Sailing Schedule and Fares

  • Hahajima Maru Schedule and Fares

    New fares and a new arrival and departure schedule will go into effect as of the July 1 departure from Hahajima to Chichijima, when the Hahajima Maru is replaced by a new ship.

    Hahajima Maru Schedule and Fares

  • Carry-on Baggage Information

    The receiving time for carry-on baggage will change.

    Allowable Carry-ons

  • Pets

    Fares for pets vary according to the size of the animal.


  • Reserving and Purchasing Tickets

    Tickets can be reserved online. Ladies-only and Family rooms can be reserved in advance. Tickets for departures after June 26 will no longer be sold at convenience stores.

    Reserving and Purchasing Tickets

  • Boarding Procedure

    The schedule for boarding procedures will change due to changes in the departure times. Boarding passes will be managed by QR codes. Boarding lists will no longer be necessary.

    Boarding Area Guide

  • Ship Facilities (Rooms)

    Economy berth will be available in addition to Premium berth. A partition is placed at the head of each bed in the Economy rooms. The new ship has approximately 30% more floor space than the ship now sailing.

    Ship Guide